Terms of Service

Analytical Reports

Phytowerks will email analytical reports which are cGMP compliant and will contain experimental details, photographic record of chromatography, and an identity determination. The report is intended for the client and only applies to the identity of the specific sample at the specific time and is based upon current technical knowledge. We reserve the right to anonymously use data for our own purposes and only warrant reports to be free of negligence and willful misrepresentation.


Call for current pricing. Pricing is subject to change without notice.


After emailing your HPTLC Analytical Report(s), an invoice will be electronically transmitted to your designated accounting personnel which must be paid in full upon receipt.

Turnaround Times

Four business days is our standard (STD) turnaround time for samples received prior to 12 noon. Accelerated reporting will require a surcharge; next day and same day turnaround will require prior approval.

SDR - Same Day Rush (prior approval required)

NDT - Next Day Rush (prior approval required)

TDT - Three Day Turnaround

STD - Standard Turnaround Time


Volume discounts are available and require prior approval.


A five gram aliquot must arrive intact, labeled with the lot number, and accompanied by an HPTLC Service Request Form. Samples will be stored at ambient conditions and properly disposed 30 days after reporting.

Method Development

Method development will increase turnaround time and price.