Why Phytowerks

Pertinent technological training coupled with practice spanning nearly three decades includes botanic method development for analytical/preparative natural product chromatographic separations, pharmacognosy, and performance of more than 7000 routine analyses. Additionally, bench preparation of novel chromatographic media have been transferred to production and have seen widespread use incorporating various mechanisms of analyte/substrate interactions. Customer service is conducted with efficiency and flexibilty in mind.

HPTLC Is the Best Method for Botanic Identity

Medicinal plants have been used throughout the world over millennia for successful treatment of disease with cost effectiveness. While the precise mechanisms of action for a combination of actives present in a given botanic remain unclear at this time, what is becoming increasingly clear is that one compound can augment the effect of another, creating a pharmacological symphony or synergy. This is precisely the reason HPTLC remains the only single technique sufficiently adaptable to ensure the quality of naturally chemically complex and variable botanics. HPTLC yields a chromatogram with the whole sample and reference zones juxtaposed and stored for multiple detection methods on the same plate. HPTLC pharmacopeial monographs remain the principal qualitative procedure for botanic authentication.